Pulasthi Bandara Rajaguru

Pulasthi Bandara Rajaguru – the student representative of RIS 2021 – with pride bears the title of head boy on his chest. He has proven himself to be worthy of such recognition with his outstanding performance in the G.C.E Ordinary Level examination in which he has secured 9 As. He has been a consistent performer who has won many awards in the Annual Prize Giving for his academic excellence and has been decorated as a valuable sportsman in the Colours Awarding Ceremony. His feats of achievement date back to his junior years where he was awarded Junior Colours for Badminton. Pulasthi emerged as a champion in high jump in 2019 and 2020 in Kurunegala. His astounding athletic skills have secured him the title of best athlete of RIS since 2018 to date.

The aspiring leader in Pulasthi was recognised as an office-bearer at a very young age. He has assumed duties as a Junior Prefect in 2014, 2018 and a Senior Prefect in2019. He has participated in numerous leadership training programmes such as outbound trainings at Minneriya and Sembuwatta

He has held a plethora of positions in Interact Club throughout his career as an Interactor. He was appointed as the Director of Finance in 2019, and the Sergeant at Arms in 2020 and for 2021 he shoulders responsibilities as the Secretary of the club. He has been a proud interactor of Royal International School since the inception of the school’s Interact Club in the year 2019

A talented guitarist and as a member of Royal International School’s senior orchestra which has won Island’s first in many competitions, Pulasthi excels as a musician. He can also be identified as a mellifluous singer who has performed with confidence in various events at school and in competitions. He is also a competent announcer and a promising actor who has participated in the All-Island Shakespeare drama competitions.

In every juncture of Pulasthi’s career as a distinct Royalist, he has proven himself worthy and now represents the student community as their Head.