Commencement of Live Lessons – Grade 5 to 8

Dear Parents,

It is with pleasure that we announce that we will be starting live lessons from Monday the 15th of June for a few selected subjects and all Grades in the Secondary now have a live teaching component. Please find the steps below on how to access the live lesson. You will only need a Gmail account to allow for your child to see their teacher!

  1. The teacher will schedule the google class according to the timetable.
  2. The teacher will send the link of the scheduled class through gmail or whatsapp to you.

Note: The user should sign into their gmail address before clicking on the link.

  1. Click on the link “Join Meet” to be directed to the scheduled google classroom.

If you don’t understand the above, don’t worry, your class teacher will guide you before the session starts.

  1. ‘Google Meet’ app should be downloaded, if the student is joining using a phone.

Lessons will be conducted according to the following timetable respectively for the coming week.


Best Regards,


A.M. Karunarathne

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