Mid Term Exam: Grade 5 – 7

Dear Parents of Grade 5 – 7,

Please note the following procedure to be followed for the mid-term exam. This is a guide to help you conduct the exam successfully at home.


Online Mid-Term Exam Examination Procedure

The mid-term examination will be held from the 2nd of June to the 9th of June according to the times provided in the time table.

  1. The papers will be uploaded to your child’s Google Classroom.
  2. The students should:
  • Answer all the questions on a separate paper.
  •  The papers will be marked and a parent-teacher discussion will be organized within this month to discuss the progress of the child.
  •  Students only have to write down the answers. Do not copy down the questions.
  •  They should copy the correct question number.
  • Each paper is 90 minutes long. The student should not exceed this given time.
  • Students are advised to adhere the timetable.
  • The morning paper will be uploaded at 8am.
  • The evening paper will be uploaded at 2pm.

3. The hard copies of the answer scripts should be filed separately to be handed over to school on the following   dates:

  • Grade 5 – 10th of June
  • Grade 6 – 11th of June
  • Grade 7 – 12th of June

4. The answer scripts should be packed with the Name, Subjects and the Class mentioned.

5. Answer sheets after the given deadline will not be accepted.


Thank you




Grade 05 Grade 06 Grade 07
02nd of June Morning English Listening & Speech English Listening & Speech English Listening & Speech
03rd of June Morning English English English
Evening Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
04th of June Morning Sinhala Sinhala Sinhala
Evening Science Science Science
08th of June Morning ICT ICT ICT
Evening Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
09th of June Morning _ Health Science Health Science
Evening _ French French


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