Parent-Teacher Interaction

Dear Pre-Primary parents,
We are happy to announce that given the relaxing of the regulations imposed during the pandemic, we have organised for the Parent-Teacher Interaction on the given dates. Please make sure you bring the homework given to you over the pandemic period with you.
UKG – 15th to 19th June
LKG – 22nd to 26th June
Nursery – 29th to 3rd July
Toddler – 6th to 10th July
However with due respect to social distancing norms and the health and safety of all involved, only five parents from each class will be permitted to meet the teacher. Please do not bring your child to the meeting, we are given strict instructions to not allow students to visit school premises. Please also note that a face-mask is mandatory.
Your class teacher will be in contact with you over Whatsapp regarding the specific time you are allocated. Please visit during the given time, we will be unable to accommodate you otherwise.
Looking forward to discuss the progress of your child during the lock down period. We hope to see you all.
Best Regards,
Ms. Chaminda Goonetilleke
Pre-Primary Principal

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