Re-opening of the School (Grade 9 National & Edexcel classes)

Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that we announce that in-line with the Government regulations, RIS will be commencing Grade 9 National & Edexcel classes from the 20th of July onwards from 7.30 am to 01.30 pm.


Please read the below instructions as you prepare your child to return to school and have a discussion with him/her to help ensure their safety.


  1. Reusable masks are mandatory. In view with environmental norms, please do not bring disposable masks. A small stock is available at the school bookshop. An additional mask should be brought by the student in case of misplacement.


  1. Every student must have their own personal hand sanitizer (the gel & not the spray).


  1. Students must bring their own food in a plastic container and their own water. The canteen will not be operational and no student will be permitted to leave the school premises.


  1. Social distancing – every effort is being made to minimize the level of contact between students within the school. Classroom and building space will be fully utilized and signs and visual cues have been installed to remind students to practice social distancing. Please continuously encourage your child to stick to the guidelines.


  1. Measures have been taken to ensure that frequented surfaces are cleaned and disinfected through out the day with special attention to high touch areas. We are using high-level hygienic products which meet the required safety standards.


  1. Temperature checking will be mandatory upon entry to school and will be recorded. If your child has a high temperature we will reluctantly be compelled to not grant him/her access to the school premises to ensure the safety of the school community.


  1. Clean hands – the best defence against the virus. We have set up stations throughout the school premises for this purpose. Please encourage your child to follow this practice.


  1. The school will be fully sanitized before students are granted entry and all arrangements will take place to ensure the safety of your child.


  1. The school will be inspected by the relevant health authorities before students are granted entry.


  1. Any mobile devices must be kept at the Reception.


  1. Please ensure hair and facial hair is trimmed according to school standards.


12. We will not be accepting parcels during school hours so please refrain from this practice.


  1. Parents and students are responsible for ensuring their safety travelling to school from home and back. Please take great caution and make sure all safety measures are practiced.




Dear Parents of Grade 9;

Please ensure you collect the admissions card from the Front Office before the 20th of July. School fees up to and inclusive of June have to be settled. This is to ensure that school operations run smoothly as we return back to normal. As you all know, RIS has conducted the e-learning programme successfully and parents are expecting the continuation of this programme for the other Grades. The full credit should go to the teachers who made this possible and at the same time the management has ensured their motivation by paying their salaries in full up to date. This was only possible with the support of parents and the management will continue to make sure the teachers are rewarded for their commitment. We understand that the pandemic has resulted in financial constraints however RIS needs your support to reward their commitment and dedication.

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