School days, the best part of everyone’s life.

ChamelShav Testimonial:

It was the place, where I learned how to face the chaos of life. Being a notorious kid back then, I was still lucky to earn the hearts of both the junior, senior and the teachers, through the colors I showed on my academics and extracurricular.
It was always the immense guidance, support and love from the my school, which made me more confident of choosing the right path to my career. It’s hard to define my hobby, as my career but RIS secured and enriched me with the courage to strive to my best.
One thing I love about my school is that they identify a student’s potential at any subject, and never hesitate to support throughout the school career.
I’ll always be thankful to the RIS family, who helped and encouraged me up to where I am today.

ChamelShav Profile:

Chamel, aka ChamelShav, a Sound Engineer, a Singer and a Music Producer, who has been working with many veteran artists in the Sri Lankan Music Industry.
Chamel, started his career in 2014. And has been working off the screen as a Recording Engineer and a Music Programmer for huge TVC campaigns in Sri Lanka.

Chamel’s love for Music doesn’t end there. Chamel also is an upcoming singing sensation, who’s gifted with a heartwarming voice. He has an outstanding number of streams over many platforms on the Internet.

In 2018, Chamel appeared on the Television twice, making his debut appearance on the program ”Roba Eve”, on TV 1 and ”Rise & Shine”, on Channel Eye.

Chamel made a cross over from YouTube to Radio by making into his debut talk show on Yes fm, hitting his cover ”Girls Like You” into top charts in 2018.


Chamel is also an Interactive Media Associate, who takes his spare to time to manage ”InspireSriLankans” Facebook page, which is his brainchild. Chamel believes that people should be inspired by the beauty of everyday stories, which are usually taken for granted.

Exploring places and meeting new people are some of his life’s greatest joys.