At RIS we believe that sport is fundamental to a child’s development, physically, mentally and spiritually. We believe sport builds character and assists children to realize their potential, passions and purpose in life. Playing and excelling in sports also teaches kids the importance of hard work, perseverance, learning from failure, and the importance of grasping opportunities. It is through this understanding that RIS provides its students with a wide range of sports, supported by a very talented team of coach’s and supervisors.


Basketball is a popular sport
amongst our children. The RIS Basketball squad consists of U-13 to U-17 teams for both Boys and Girls. The Team takes part in Inter house, district/national competitions and friendly matches organized throughout the year.



Started in 2017, the sport has seen tremendous growth in a short period of time. The passion for the worlds most popular sport is evident at RIS as well with participation for the sport rising year on year.



The Islands most popular sport is equally popular amongst our children. The Cricket academy starts from U-11 to U-17 with the total squad totaling up to 50 players in a short period of time! Our teams compete in Inter house, district/national and friendly matches organized by our dedicated sports department.



RIS is privileged to have the largest swimming pool in Kurunegala. Opened in 2016, the facility has paved way for many youngsters to improve their skills and become competitive in the Sri Lankan swimming circuits. This is evident by the increasing no of accolades throughout this short period of time.



Badminton is one of the sports we at RIS are extremely proud of. With a total squad of over 40 players, talented players have emerged through our academy achieving national level awards.



Athletics at RIS is not confined to the annual sports meet. The Athletic squad takes part in the Annual Inter International Schools sports meet, as well as district/national events throughout the year.



RIS has one of the most awarded and recognized chess clubs in the NWP. Chess strengthens children’s minds as it’s one of the best games that develop logical, precise thinking. Children will get better at analyzing problems and making choices. They will be more patient and have sharper memories; all of which improve communication, confidence and builds self-esteem.


Table Tennis

Playing Table Tennis improves hand-eye coordination and it stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. This makes it the perfect game for young people to sharpen reflexes. The sport also Develops mental acuity. The speed, spin and placement of the ball are crucial in table tennis, and practiced players are highly skilled in both creating and solving puzzles involving these three attributes.



Karate teaches self-confidence and respect, not only for yourself but for others, including an opponent. As your child masters complex moves, stances, and fighting forms, he or she will know how to hold his or her own in any situation. Your child will set goals with each belt earned and learn how to achieve those goals, and in so doing, build valuable confidence. Confidence comes naturally when you can handle your own, even when faced with a bully or another challenge.


The ECA’s


Our Coaching Staff


Mr. Upatissa Jayasuriya

Mr. Upatissa Jayasuriya

  • Senior Lecturer sports Bio Mechanizes – National Institute of sports science in Sri Lanka
  • National Champion Pole Vaulter
  • Athletic International Medalist
  • 14 years of unblemished Foreign Service
  • Athletic special Advance Diploma – India
  • Lecturer, All sports advance Diploma, Sri Lanka and India
  • Athletic Coach Asian Games – 2002
  • Athletic Coach South Asian Games, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997
  • Former Assistant Director sports, Lyceum – Watthala
Ms. Damayanthi Perera

Ms. Damayanthi Perera

RIS Senior Athletic Coach
  • 30 years Sports service in Ministry of Education
  • Asian Games 1982, 100m, 200m, and Long Jump
  • Former Chief Athletic Coach – Ave Maria Convert, Negambo
  • Former Senior Athletic Coach Lyceum, Watthala
  • Lady Chaperon and manager Asian Junior Athletic Championship 2010
  • Coach South Asian Games Junior Athletic meet 2013
  • Best sports teacher President gold medal 2006


Mr. Chaminda Rahubadda

Mr. Chaminda Rahubadda

Senior Swimming Coach
  • Sr Lanka Level 1 Swimming course ministry of Sports
  • Coaching swimming level 1 in Sri Lanka
  • National Level Athletic in Sri Lanka
  • Completed a sports medicine course – Olympic Committee in Sri Lanka
  • Completed a special course in Sports injury – American swimming Academy
  • Life service Bronze Medal in Sri Lanka Police
  • International life guard certificate
  • Sri Lanka Army Serviceman


Mr. H.M Somaratene

Mr. H.M Somaratene

RIS Senior Badminton Coach
  • Sports Diploma in Ministry of sports – Sri Lanka
  • South Asian Shuttle final training program in Maldives
  • Member of the World Badminton Federation
  • Member of the Sri Lanka Badminton Federation
  • Former Chief Physical Training Instructor – Sri Lanka Army
  • Special Physical training Course – Sri Lanka Army
  • Sri Lanka Army Advance Course Physical Training, Pune – India 1991
  • Sri Lanka Badminton coach Level 1, 2, 3

Sport Stories

Latest news and stories of RIS Sport

May 5

Bronze medal in Under 15 Girls Doubles event at 68th National Badminton Championship 2020

Congratulations! Our very talented Badminton players, Amaya Pallegedara and Ruhini Marasinghe won the Bronze medal in Under 15 Girls Doubles event at 68th National Badminton Championship 2020 conducted by the Sri Lanka Badminton Association.  


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