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We know that coming to Nursery is often a child’s first  experience away from their family; we therefore aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is a warm and friendly extension of home. At RIS Pre Primary we have a friendly team who have lots of experience in working with children. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic setting and we really want your child’s time here to be memorable and filled with enjoyment. We aim for all children to develop a real love of life and learning and to fill them full of confidence ready for all the demands the future brings.

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Ms Chaminda Goonetilleke

Ms Chaminda Goonetilleke

Principal - Pre Primary

Having completed her Secondary Education at Hillwood College Kandy holds a variety of qualifications in Teaching, Social Sciences, and Counseling. Completing a Diploma in Primary Teaching,

Mrs. Chaminda holds an Advanced Certificate in Pr-School Teaching. Obtaining a Degree in Social Sciences through Open University Sri Lanka, she started her career as an Assistant teacher at St.Thomas College Guruthalawa. Serving as a Primary Teacher at Kandy International School for seven years Mrs. Chaminda joined Colombo International School in the year 1998 and was appointed as a Head of Infant School. Joining with Gateway College Kandy in the year 2013 as Co-Coordinator, Mrs Chaminda is now the Head of Pr-Primary at Royal International School Kurunegala.

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May 12

Rajakeeya Soorya Mangalya 2023 – Toddler & LKG

The Sinhala and Hindu New Year, is waited for, with welcomes, presents, and rejoicings….. The toddlers of RIS Pre-Primary Section embraced the mirth of New Year celebrations, giving priority to […]

May 12

Toddler Play House

Step into a world of colourful wonder and pure joy, where the littlest things bring the biggest smiles! Our tiny toddlers had a great day having a wonderful experience at […]

March 15

Hygiene Day Program of RIS Toddler & Nursery Students

Hygiene Day Program for the RIS Toddler & Nursery Students The aim of this initiative was to teach them about personal hygiene and encourage healthy habits. We would like to […]

March 15

Red Day of RIS Toddlers

Exploring the Emotional Power of Red with Our Little Toddlers! A Fun-filled Thursday of Red-themed Activities and Outfits! . . #ris #LifeAtRIS #ris_kurunegala #red_day #red #international_school #kurunegala

March 15

Healthy Food Awareness Day for RIS LKG Students

Nourish your body, elevate your life: make healthy eating a priority every day! Healthy food awareness day of RIS LKG Students. #ris #LifeAtRIS #ris_kurunegala #InternationalSchool #SriLanka #internationaleducation

March 15

Hygiene Day program for our pre-primary students.

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our hygiene & health program for our pre-primary students. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Municipal Council Health […]


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