STEM is an acronym for the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In today’s competitive economy, more and more employers are searching for high-skilled workers with STEM-related skills: problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, multi-tasking, and the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of colleagues. RIS STEM education program focuses on a student-centered learning environment that is engaging, solution-minded, and fun. students participate in classroom activities that encourage them to engage in questioning, problem-solving, collaboration and hands-on activities while addressing real-life issues.

Innovator Program

We have joined hands with IgniterSpace, the largest technology and innovation education provider in  Sri Lanka to enhance our current curriculum with the IgniteSpace breakthrough innovation program. Through this program, our children from Grade 5-8 will be exposed to a sound foundation on subjects of STEM.

RIS Kurunegala is also the authorized franchisee for the IgniterSpace program in Kurunegala. Your child can now enroll in the IgniterSpace Innovator  program and discover his/her inner creativity!

IgniterSpace Foundation program aims to build a passion for creativity in students as the first step of their innovation journey. The program exposes the students to a wide variety of technological and engineering concepts. At every class they will make a new creation with our instructors, learning concepts related to mechanical, electrical, electronic, robotics, computer programming, etc.

LEVEL 1 (Age 5-7)

Getting kids to be passionate about making is important. Because technology is now readily available, kids have become consumers rather than creators.

Therefore kids have lost the passion to be creative. Level 1 focuses on building this passion in kids. Every week kids will engage in building awesome mechanical creations by using electrical concepts.Concepts of Innovation thinking is covered each week with the problems the kids solve.

Kids will also be introduced to the basic tools of making such as Glue Guns, Types of Pliers, Cutting tools, etc.

At the end of Level 1 your child will be a passionate maker & Young Innovator.

LEVEL 2 (Age 8 – 10)

Computers are now used in every single industry across different verticals. Being able to communicate with computers is the superpower that children of the future should have. In Level 2, we introduce kids to the world of computer programming.

IgniterSpace Level 2 follows a very different approach to teaching kids coding. We get kids to explore programming by practically creating games & apps.

Also in this level kids will get to explore more advanced mechanical projects & will get a chance to experiment with electronics.

LEVEL 3 (Age 11 – 14)

Electronics is the main area covered in Level 3. We expose the kids all the way from basic circuitry design & implementation to prototyping, & even getting into microcontroller programming with Arduino where kids will learn how to interface the real & virtual worlds together.

In addition, kids will also explore programming further by using Python programming as well as basic Web Design & Development.

Kids will also work on more complex mechatronic projects in this level including the design & prototyping of various kinds of Robots.

At the end of Level 3, your child will have a very solid foundation of the core technical verticals that a future innovator needs to have.


Innovator Time Table

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