Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a landmark step in a child’s journey towards maturity and independence. In addition, moving from a smaller school, where everyone knows each other, to a larger environment in which children are taught by several different teachers and in several different rooms can also bring its challenges.

At RIS we believe that it is important to prepare children carefully for these changes, in order that they have the best chance of making a smooth and confident transition, by focusing both on the skills sets required and the opportunities that such a change presents.

This helps them to prepare for the greater demands for independent learning and juggling their time that secondary school makes.


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Mr. Colin Ratnayake

Mr. Colin Ratnayake


Mr. Colin Rathnayake is an educationists with over five decades of experience in all ranges of education, which includes schools, universities and teacher training colleges both here and abroad. Being a proud product of Trinity College Kandy, Mr. Colin’s Academia includes Master in Science (Major in Education) obtained from Pacific western University (USA) and Bachelor of Arts (General)  obtained from University of Sri Lanka Vidyodaya Campus. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education(T.E.F.L) from University of Colombo. Further Mr. Colin is a Specialist Science Trained Teacher —(1st Class) Maharagama Teachers College.

As a teacher in Government schools  Mr. Colin has served St Pauls college Kandy, Maharagama GTC , Sripada College,Hatton,  Rahula College, Katugastota, Hataraliyadda M.V, Vidyartha College, Kandy within the era from 1959 to 1971. When it comes to private Schools Mr. Colin has served his alma-mater Trinity College as the Co-Vice Principal, Vice Principal, Deputy Principal, and Acting Principal from 1981 -1989 & the year 2015. During the period of 1990-1997 Mr. Colin was the Head Master of St. Thomas College Gurutalawa. Mr. Colin is the founder Principal and the Deputy Director of Sussex School Network, In charge of 21 Schools and was responsible for the selection, training of Principals and Teachers in 19 Districts from 2004-2010.

Considering overseas experiences, Mr. Colin was the Principal of Majeediya school, Male (The biggest school in Maldives over 4,000 pupils) from 1998-2000. He was also the Founder Principal of Northern Secondary School from Year 2000-2002 and Founder Principal of Dharmawanatha School from 2002-2004. On top of these Mr. Colin was the Chief Educational Supervisor for the Government of Republic of Maldives from 24th February 1997 to January 1999 and  was responsible for Teacher supervision, Curriculum Development in all the schools in Maldives and training of new Expatriate Principals.

Mr. Alex Perera

Mr. Alex Perera

Vice Principal

Dr. Alex Perera is an educationist as well as an anthropologist with over 27 years of experience in all ranges of education & Anthropology which includes schools, universities and teacher training institutes in Sri Lanka.  Having schooled in Hingurakgoda, Dr. Alex entered the University of Kelaniya for his first degree (B.A.) in Arts. He continued to build on this by obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the National Institute Education, and Master of Arts (M.A.) in Sinhala and Buddhist Studies from the Buddhist and Pali University. Further, he finished his examinations in M.Phil (Socio- Anthropology). As a result of this outstanding academic performance, the Senate of  University of Sabaragamuwa promoted his status as a PhD candidature. He is the first ever student to have been honored with this opportunity in the history of the University. Dr. Alex Perera obtained his doctorate (PhD) (Anthropology & Education) in 2014.


He has been a Principal in several Govt. Schools, most notably serving as a Vice Principal at St.Joseph’s College (National School), Bandarawela. He has also rendered his services as a lecturer in Counseling and Psychology & as a teacher trainer at the National Institute of Education and at the Secretary of Catholic Diocesan Commission of Mass Communication (Badulla Diocese). His expertise and experience has served many notable institutions in the country, to name some are;

-Research officer attached to the Sri Lanka Parliament and Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs,

-Served as the head of academic affairs at the Sri Lanka Print Media Academy

-Director of Training and Development at JMC Network

-Presenter in Education Service of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Cooperation

-Academic Consultant, Joseph Vaz Institute, Kurunegala (affiliated to Aquinas University College).


Dr. Alex Perera is also an author of many books in the field of Education and Anthropology both Sinhala and English. He has translated the commendable Russian Docu- Drama “Sarcophagus” written by Vladimir Gubarev into Sinhala in 2010, was published by Neptune Publishers, Battaramulla.“The Forth World & Sri Lanka” written by Dr. Alex in English is popular among students and readers of Anthropology.

Mr. A.M. Karunarathne

Mr. A.M. Karunarathne

Vice Principal

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