Welcome to RIS Primary School. At RIS our children are at the centre of everything we do.
Primary education is pivotal for capturing interest in learning that will continue onto the next stage. We value the need to play and have fun, and we provide a stimulating learning environment that celebrates childhood. We, therefore, aim to create an atmosphere of enjoyment, where everyone – pupils, staff, parents and friends – feels able to take a risk, try something new and achieve success!
We are committed to ensuring that all children have a stimulating, challenging and fun learning experience. We help them to develop the skills they need to be the best they possibly can in a rapidly changing world. RIS Primary pupils are supported in developing a moral and spiritual awareness of the society to which we all belong, a community in which we have not only rights but responsibilities.


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Ms. Tharanga Darshani Nawaratne

Principal - Primary

A decorated old girl of Museaus College Colombo, Ms Tharanga was a school prefect and house captain. She was an active member of the school community taking part in athletics, netball, singing and drama.
Ms Tharanga holds a Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in Environmental Science. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Colombo. She has been involved in the field of education for over 15 years holding positions of varying roles from teacher to school Principal. Her illustrious career in education has seen her be a part of distinguished International Schools in the country. She is an author of multiple children story books, a composer of songs and an passionate poet.

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August 13

Welcome Back!

RIS welcomes back our beloved students of the Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary sections for a new start. Following a temporary pause due to the pandemic, we are returning back to normal. The school has reopened in accordance with the regulations and recommendations of the Health Authorities.


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