Grades 1-5 | Issuing of textbooks & learning resources

Dear 1-5 Parents,


We are pleased to inform that we are approaching the beginning of a new year and a new grade for your child. In this regard, please note that we are organizing the issue of textbooks and resource packs for next year in December. The exact dates and schedule will be notified in due course.


We will be sending via SMS the total value of the textbooks and the resource packs for 2022. Please note that the deadline to settle this payment will be the 8th of December 2021.


Additionally, please also note that you are expected to settle all the 2021 school fees by the 8th of December as well.


It is compulsory for your child to have all the required textbooks and resources by the 1st week of Term 1 in 2022. Therefore we humbly request you to extend your fullest cooperation to us.


Uniforms can be purchased at any time from our bookshop.


For any clarification, you may contact us at: 037 760 0777 / 037 223 2079


Thanking you,

The RIS Management

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